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Redbubble CEO Martin Hosking Talks to Fox Business Channel

Redbubble CEO Martin Hosking¬†appeared on Fox Business Channel’s Countdown to the Closing Bell to chat the history and future of Redbubble, as well as the surprising success of the Microsoft¬†“Ninja Cat Unicorn” sticker.

He said:

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"What Redbubble really does is celebrates creativity and how that converges with individuality and unique people who are interested in a lot of different stuff, and then they want it on products which are relevant to them. It's art in people's everyday lives and whether that's on your laptop or it's on your iPhone or it's on your duvet covers or on cushions or we're now going to leggings, so people want things which are more relevant, they want things which are more personal to them."

During the chat, several RB artists got shot-outs including Budi Satira Kwan, JazzberryBlue, Hector Mansilla, micklyn, Carbine, Catrin Welz-Stein, Eric Fan, and others.

Watch the full interview here:

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