8 Tote Bags Better than Easter Baskets

We’re sure you’re all used to seeing rows upon rows of flimsy, plastic Easter baskets lining the aisles of your local supermarkets, many of which tossed aside or crammed into storage after all the hidden eggs have been found and the chocolate bunnies devoured. But wouldn’t the Easter Bunny appreciate it if you used your Easter basket for more than just a day? Below, these tote bags will last long after being stocked full of jelly beans and goodies on Easter Sunday. Stuff ’em full of plushy ducklings, chocolate rabbits, plastic eggs and marshmallow chicks—then reuse them in the warm months ahead for toting books or gardening tools, packing a picnic, and getting outside to enjoy the invigorating spring air.

"Bunny" by AirDrawn

"Easter Bunny on Chocolate Background" by Kimazo

"Bunnies in love" by olarty

"Follow The White Rabbit" by Total-Cult

"chick" by andley

"Expressions" by demonkourai

"Easter Eggs" by Elisabeth Fredriksson

"Anatomy of a Rabbit" by Sophie Corrigan

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