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5 Reasons Why Collaborating is Important

Creature Creature is a creative duo who are currently taking part in Redbubble’s Residency program. They have been working in our office for over a month, decorating their space and creating innovative work. Not only are we stoked to have them at our Melbourne headquarters, we love to watch the way they collaborate on projects together.

Creature Creature will be heading up our latest Redbubble Masterclass which, fittingly, is focusing on collaborating.

In advance of the event on March 28th from 10-12pm Redbubble’s Melbourne HQ, we asked Creature Creature to share the five most important reasons why think collaborating is a useful for all artists:

1. Two brains are better than one

A common phrase but so true, the possibility of creating is expanded! More skill sets, view points, inspirations and imagination.

2. Potential output

Double capacity and productivity. A lot of people comment that we work fast but we remind them…there is two of us! Collaboration also means more motivation, encouragement and passion for those blue moments.

3. Expanded community

Two different personalities for networking. Sharing creative friends, family and contacts for more opportunities.

4. Confidence

It’s great to have a partner in crime, someone who always has your back and to share the pressure.

5. FUN!

This is the most important point. Ultimately it is just super fun spend spend time creating with an art buddy.

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Sign up for Creature Creature’s Redbubble Masterclass, “The Art of Collaboration”. Spots are limited and a partner is not required.

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