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Open Discussion: Share the Love with Your Favorite RB Artist

On Instagram, writer/artist/awesome-advise-giver Austin Kleon (a favorite here on the RB Blog) shared his 3 ways to “Support an Artist You Love” and it perfectly encapsulates all we’re doing here at Redbubble this Valentine’s Day.

How to support an artist you love

A photo posted by Austin Kleon (@austinkleon) on Nov 29, 2014 at 9:48am PST

He breaks it down in more detail on his blog:

1) “Give them money” is pretty self explanatory. The Renaissance had to be funded.

2) Credit is always due.

3) Send words of praise and encouragement, sure, but don’t feel that by supporting them you are automatically owed a response, or a personal relationship with them. Let their work be enough for you.

Kleon’s thoughts on this matter ring perfectly true, particularly as we’re all about Sharing the Love at Redbubble these days. So for this open discussion, I want to ask you all to do just that: share the love with a Redbubble artist you love. Now is the time to support your friends, family, or fellow artists you respect. Post a link to her or his profile and share a thought or two about why you chose them and what you love about their work. Then, if you’re so inclined, shoot them BubbleMail to let them know that you featured them. I’m sure they’ll be grateful.

Let’s make this week a nice one.

Share the love in the comments below.

[Header image: “Last night I dreamt” by Nonnetta]

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