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Introducing Redbubble’s Artists-in-Residence

Something pretty special has been brewing here at Melbourne HQ, and we’re pretty chuffed to be sharing it as it debuts: throughout the next 12 weeks, Redbubble will be hosting 3 artists in our brand new, shiny, amazing residency space (insert many high pitched squeals right here).

We received over 100 applications for the program, and the artists were selected based on technical skill, ability to collaborate, and the diversity they would offer to the program. Over the coming months, our artists-in-residence will be uploading their final works to Redbubble while we report their works in progress, concluding with a gallery showcasing their creations.

We are absolutely stoked to present to you, Redbubble’s Artists-in-Residence:

Marian Machismo

Marian Machismo believes that ghosts exist and that ’90s pop songs will outlive us all. She believes that a day doesn’t start before the second cup of coffee and that the solution to most problems can be found by looking at the sky. She believes in the transformative nature of art and the benefits of a stiff drink to calm the nerves. Machismo is an architect of experiences, a lover of Hip Hop, a dyslexic nerd, an avid collector, and a homeless romantic.

A throwback to the new wild ones, Machismo draws inspiration from the Surrealist movement and the Situationist International who valued experience and conversation over external gratification. Her early inspirations included Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Sophie Calle, Ram-ell-zee and Tracy Emin. These inspirations were based equally on their artistic production as the feeling that viewing the work created within her.

This need for intellectual stimulation has propelled Machismo into and through numerous visual art and post graduate degrees, coffee shops, dark bars, centerlink lines, late night explorations, strange cities, countless libraries and galleries and into the RedBubble residency program.

Check out more of Marian’s work at her RB profile, Twitter and Instagram.

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas creates highly detailed montages by mixing different types of natural forms together to build wonderfully bizarre worlds of intrigue. His work studies the concept of self similarity, patterns that are repeated throughout nature at all levels of scale, mixes pictures of moss with forests and galaxies with clouds. Andy’s work makes you second guess reality.

Always interested in painting and drawing from a young age, Andy began his career with his involvement in Melbourne’s early rave scene back in 1993, creating UV murals for warehouse parties. In recent years he has begun to experiment with creating a visual fusion between Nature and Technology, by taking photos of plants, insects and machines and compositing them with artificially created forms in various 3D programs.

Check out Andy’s RB profile for more of this digital work.

Creature Creature

Creature Creature is the artist duo Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek. They first met at university and ‘flirted through art’ until they formed an official union in 2011 under one name. Creature Creature was chosen from a quote in the 1960’s film A Bucket of Blood; ‘A Creature is a Creature…or it is an artist!’ Since then, they have to exhibiting throughout Melbourne and interstate with 2 solo shows under their belts.

Both with backgrounds in fine art and graphic design, their work is a blend of both these practices with strong historical influences, mixed with a love of street art and illustration. Creature Creature play with the idea of duality, east meets west, and the natural world. A dragon and unicorn are the pair’s alter egos that appear commonly in their art.

Check out their RB profile for more digital work, as well as their Instagram and Twitter.

We’ll be posting more updates from our residents as their masterpieces begin to emerge from their artist booths. You can also follow their journey at #RBresidency, on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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