5 Ways Redbubble Artists are Creating Awesome Leggings

Recently, we launched leggings to our artist community and it seems they went straight to work designing and uploading. Considering how skilled Redbubble artists are, it’s no surprise that we already have found some favorites that we are dying to try on. In an attempt to understand the glorious madness that is the best of leggings art, we’ve compiled a few of the ways artists are creating magic.

Be sure to click through the images below to see more details about the  featured leggings.

1. Considering Imagery Position

These works are thoughtful in their layouts. Imagery is arranged so that it appears to be falling towards the ankles, runs along the sides of the legs, and is stacked to ensure that any floating felines will not be cut off.

“I love vegetables!”by smalldrawing“Mysterious tropical garden” by smalldrawing, and  “Space Catsby” Ruta Dumalakaite

 2. All Over Patterns

Creating a repeat pattern is a simple way to create a stellar leggings design. Sale, Andrea Lauren, and Vicky Webb have awesome legging designs playing with the size or scale on the product while thoughtfully considering the space between motifs.

“Peony Flower Pattern” by sale“Penguins – Mustard” by Andrea Lauren, and “Daisy on mint” by Vicky Webb

3. Colorful Layers

Kakel has translated artworks already uploaded into wonderful leggings. The horizontal layering of color extending vertically up the legs makes for interesting shapes that play well with the form. A little cactus at one ankle and then a sun rising at the hip is too clever!

“Arizona” by Kakel,  “Pinetrees” by Kakel, and  “Velvet” by Kakel

4. Carefully Cropping Large Artworks

Taking an already completed artwork and transforming it for leggings can be a little bit tricky.  has done a great job positioning “Other Ways Out” by cropping the figure out completely he has avoided the body being cut in half.

‘s  “Leah” does a wonderful job positioning the figures face onto one leg.   has done something similar by choosing an image that allows for one face on each leg. With any artwork uploaded it is important to make sure that the focal point of the design isn’t cropped or cut off.

“Other Ways Out” by JMFenner“Leah” by MeganLara, and  “Lobotomia” by ATLANTISVAMPIR-

5. Collage

These works with collaged and geometric elements make for beautiful designs. The diagonal lines and circles section off the leggings in interesting ways.

“Journey” by OritKalev,  “Divide” by Hannahkaypiche, and “Desert Plants” by Hannahkaypiche

 For artists: It’s easy to carefully consider the form of the leggings pattern using this template. For an explanation of how to use the template reference this blog post.

What do you think makes a great pair of leggings? Share your thoughts below.

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