13 Anti-Valentine’s Day Products for the Unlucky in Love

We’ve been having a ton of fun Sharing the Love here in the wonderful world of Redbubble, but in light of Valentine’s Day Eve falling on Friday the 13th this year, we decided it was time to cut it out with the love stuff by snapping Cupid’s arrows to pay tribute to the unlucky in love.

As opposed to the endlessly mushy Valentine’s Day, Friday the 13th is all about rotten luck. It’s a day overrun by path-crossing black cats, sidewalk cracks that break mothers’ backs, and hockey mask-donning lunatics. It is the perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day.

When it comes down to it, we love LOVE as much as the next art marketplace, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a touch of fun, right? Which is why we gathered these 13 Anti-Valentine’s Day tote bags, throw pillows, mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, and wall art.

Enjoy the sadness.

1. This “Be My Valentine” tote bag by louros will sufficiently carry, not only your disappointment, but your “baggage” as well.

2. “Gone” by Alex G Griffiths is the perfect throw pillow for absorbing tears and muffling the moans of existential angst.

3. Wear this “I’m Not A Stalker” T-Shirt by Philip Elliott to the bar…alone…like a creep.

I'm Not A Stalker." by Philip Elliott

4. “Eat your Heart out” by reckless-buddah can protect your iPhone the next time you whip it across the room in anger.

5. “Anti-Valentine’s Day Hate Candy” stickers by HolidayT-Shirts can be used to cover the faces of exes in your photo albums.

6. Hang Nicolae Negura’s “Judith” framed print over the fist-shaped hole in your bedroom wall.

7. Send a “Love*” greeting card by LordWharts to that co-worker you’ve been cyberstalking admiring from afar.

8. Cover all of your TOGETHER 4 EVER tattoos with this “I hope Cupid dies a horrible death” hoodie by nektarinchen.

9. Serve some tea that is definitely, most certainly, absolutely not laced with arsenic in the “Love Sick” mug by Voysla. Nope. Not laced. Not at all.

10. Explain to your co-workers that you are a lone wolf with motymotymoty’s “Lonely Rider”laptop skin.

11. Hammo’s “Lilith” sweatshirt could keep you warm on those lonely, sleepless nights if it wasn’t for your ice cold soul.

12. It’s up to you to decide which half of the “Clothespin” you are in by Alexander Medvedev’s Samsung Galaxy skin.

13. Isn’t all love impossible? Yes, yes it is. That’s why Budi Satria Kwan’s “Impossible love – fire and water kiss” is the metal print for you.

What do you think of the artworks above? Share the Love Misery in the comments below.

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