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Redbubble’s Tiling Feature Makes Repeat Patterns Easy

We now have a repeat uploader function to make our wonderful artists’ lives just a tad more easy. This is something we’ve seen on your wish lists for some time now so we’re very happy to finally have the means to deliver. This function will allow you to take any singular piece of artwork and turn it into a pattern when uploading work to the site.

This feature is currently available for our duvet covers (and is coming soon to other products), and is sure to make uploading for large image sizes a breeze, but now is a great time to experiment with it, because I have insider information there are some new products on the way that will also use this feature.

Here’s a quick rundown of how I used it to upload my “Yellow Tile” pattern.

Step 1

Upload your artwork

As we’ve discussed before, our new uploader makes it super easy to add images to your RB portfolio. Once you do, make adjustments to the placement of the images on the products that you want enabled by selecting the EDIT tab. Be sure that your artwork is positioned correctly and there aren’t any sort of funky white edges or cut-off imagery which can end up looking unprofessional.



Step 2


After your piece is uploaded you’re ready to dive into the new tile function. Hit EDIT and you’ll notice that there are two options for repeating your patterns. One is in a grid-like, side-by-side pattern, the other is a half-drop or brick-like pattern.

For the grid option, click the icon that resembles four grouped squares under REPEAT.

You will want to play with the percentage under SIZE ON PRODUCT to get the pattern coverage you prefer and adjust to how you want it centered. Remember, with this uploader (for quality control purposes) you can always make each individual image in your pattern smaller, but not larger. So make sure to upload artwork at the appropriately sized resolution.



Step 3

More tiling!

For the half drop (or brick-like) pattern, select the icon with four squares in the shape of a diamond and experiment with size and layout.



Optional Step

For image files you may already have uploaded but weren’t a high enough resolution for the duvet file size, a handy trick is to upload a PNG file with transparent space around the image and play around with the BACKGROUND COLOR option. You can repeat this image in either pattern to figure out what suits your design best.



Sometimes it’s best to see how others get it done. Here are a few Redbubble artists already mastering this tiling function. Check out “La Dolce Vita” by Norman Duenas“Hand drawn swirly pattern” by Patternalized, and “Darkest in the Night” by Norman Duenas .

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