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Piece of the Week: ‘Scatterbrain’ by Kate Powell

Mixing mediums and experimenting with pencil work and photography isn’t an easy task to pull off. It can often look amateurish or chronically under-done. In this week’s Piece of the Week artist Kate Powell has taken mixing media to a new level, to bring us this quiet and simple work “Scatterbrain.”

"Scatterbrain" (iPhone 6 Case) by Kate Powell

The branches, which look like a photograph or digital drawing, interject into the hand-drawn pencil work, done in a casually rendered style. It seems apparent Kate Powell is attempting to make a point that the woman in her illustration is literally scatterbrained, with the top of her head becoming a hazy, meshy wash of sky-high tree branches. The slight anxiety in her eyes fits nicely with the imagery of her strung-out hair and tree branches dancing above her and in her mind, and it all looks fantastic on a device case, tote bag, or more.

Kate Powell has an impressive portfolio page filled with strangely surreal portraits of women that are worth spending some time with. Each piece reveals an interesting insight into this artist’s own brain.