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Open Discussion: Are You a Day Dreamer or Night Owl?

A recent inforgraphic about “The Daily Routines of Creative People” has been making the rounds, and it gave us a great idea for an open discussion topic. When you settle in to do creative work, are you doing it in the depths of the night or in the light of the day? I find there is a creativity sweet-spot I hit if I am well organized, in which I am fed, caffeinated, rested and alert, and a combination of practical choices (like eating breakfast or going for a walk around the block) means I am absolutely on point and ready to work without interruption. When does this happen for you? Is it 1am and you’re just getting started? Or, are you like me and you find the golden hours are just after breakfast, around mid-morning when your second coffee is kicking in?

This idea that artists are either day dreamers or night owls is perhaps an oversimplification, but the more I speak to other artists about how — and more interestingly — when they work, I find a distinct divide. Some artists seem to need vitamin D from the sun or the frenetic pace of others working around them, while others require the deep solitude and the exaggerated feeling of long nights to create their best work.

So which do you prefer?

"Human Nature" by Dan Elijah Fajardo

The best conclusion I came to when considering these two opposing working times was to see that both options are fine and equally as good, but it’s important to actively choose how and when you work. So let us know if you’re a night owl or day dreamer and share your experiences with the best time of day (or night) to make art.

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