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Open Discussion: Does Disconnecting Help Your Work?

I decided to place this Open Discussion topic on the table after spending several days on a beach in Hawaii, completely removed my computer, phone, and iPad — blissfully allowing emails and social media mentions to build into a lovely pile of ignored ones and zeroes. And now, I feel great and ready for whatever the holidays and the new year have to throw at me.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever disconnect and go full hermit to recharge your batteries?

"[ Out of Office ]" by Daniel Coulmann

With holidays warping our brains and 2015 about to crash through our roofs like that engine in Donnie Darko, now might be the ultimate time to cut the cord, take a breath, and get your brain in order so you can prepare to pounce all over that new portfolio in the new year.

In a Tedx Talk on “The Power of Disconnection,” Founder and Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership Inc, Drew Dudley said:

“…not everything to which we are connected, brings us value. And unfortunately some of the most powerful connections that we allow ourselves to forge can actually be among our most limiting.”

Do you think this is important? Do you need to break free from the reins of the 21st century to make better work? Or is the Internet and all its social media goodness your true electronic muse?

Let us know in the comments below if/how you plan to disconnect to prep for the new year.

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