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Don’t Bother Me, It’s No Interruptions Day

Today is No Interruptions Day. The one glorious day a year you can set aside the entire day to work on what you want to work on and do exactly what you want to do. Throw out the kids, cut the telephone off, and nail yourself to your desk. If you can’t set aside this very day, plan one for the next week, and start 2015 right.

Celebrated on the last day of the year, No Interruptions Day is the perfect day to devote to the project you’ve been meaning to get to and kick off that New Year’s resolution. Refine your RB portfolio, plan a collaboration with a fellow artist, apply for an exhibition, crack open a spreadsheet and figure out how close you are to making art full time, or do anything really. It’s all you and your creativity.

"Punk!Lock" by ohcararara

Let us know how your No Interruptions Day goes, or simply enjoy a day without social media or an email inbox swelling to double (or triple) digits.