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ART+MEL Takes Over the Streets of Melbourne

ART+MEL was a spectacular weekend that functioned as both a showcase for the unique, independent art found in the Redbubble community and as a celebration of Melbourne’s local artists. It was also a chance for Redbubble to return to its roots as a Melbourne based startup, and reconnect with the original artists who helped make Redbubble what it is today.

November 29 & 30 saw the streets of Melbourne transform into a hive of creativity, as the ART+MEL visitors to Melbourne’s CBD got to witness some of the city’s best art in a most unusual way. Guests got to take a snooze on 12 different cardboard beds in Federation Square provided to us by the wonderful team at Karton Group.  They also got to witness the latest and greatest pieces of street art from artists Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn come to life in Rutledge Lane. There were also some giant letter (seriously, HUGE letters) spelling out ART+MEL and providing a great backdrop for the best selfies in Melbourne.

The event was then wrapped up at 1000 £ Bend with a final display of incredible art and products and some amazing live work from Justine McAllister and Simon Sherry. Drinks, dancing, and a Bon Jovi singalong may have also been involved.

ART+MEL is the biggest event Redbubble has ever run, and we have every intention of (once we recover from long-term sleep deprivation) taking it to other cities across the globe to celebrate the art that blooms everywhere.

But for now, let’s let the photos speak for themselves…

[Photos by Nicole Reed]

What do you think? Were you there? Do you wish you were? Where should we take this show next? Let us know below.

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