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5 Winter Color Trends to Bring Into the New Year

Home decor products like duvet covers, throw pillows, and wall art are great ways to update interiors with seasonal trends without changing every gosh darn thing in the house. While upgrading to new tote bags, device cases, and travel mugs is a perfect way to experience new styles on the go.

Changes in weather varies from region to region, figuring out seasonal trends can be pretty difficult. In an attempt to make things a little easier for you, we have pulled a list of trending winter colors that you can use to inspire your work well into 2015, no matter what season you’re headed for.

Burgundy Wine

This rich hue is a color traditionally associated with fall or winter. We’re thinking, this time around, it might make it as an all year long color. Great on it’s own with subtle shade differences or it can easily transition into spring and summer paired with complimentary pastels. Check out these awesome examples by ankastan, and .


A soft pink shade that can work as a neutral, making it an easy choice to change up existing color schemes. You can make slight color variations to compliment various skin tones. For inspiration, look no further than these lovely works by ,  , and .


Directly inspired by nature, these color palettes are easy to create. Just take a look outside! You’ve got sage greens, burnt oranges, dusty blues, and sepia tones, to name a few. Have a look at these natural beauties by , and .


A nice medium shade of grey with a slight blue tint. Another great color to pair with just about any other. And for artists that use the material itself to create works, this might be the one for you. Here are are a few choice charcoal examples by Mareike Böhmer, SofiaBonati, and .

Gold Metallics

A little bit of old hollywood glamour enters here. This shiny, sparkly new year goodness is great paired with jewel tones for no nonsense opulence. We’ve included some glimmering examples by , Terry Fan, and another by .

We might have forgot a few examples. Do you have any work that fits into one of these trends? Which ones inspire you? Please share in the comments below for all to see!


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