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Weekend Inspiration: Jerry Seinfeld on Staying Interested in Your Work

Jerry Seinfeld, the legendary comedian, and co-creator of the greatest piece of entertainment ever created by any human being, sat down with Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News to discuss the new season of his terrific web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. While chatting about the show, the duo touched on Seinfeld’s ongoing standup career, which hasn’t slowed despite the zillions of dollars he’s earned from the syndication of his iconic series, Seinfeld. When Williams’ asked why Seinfeld, at 60, isn’t sitting on a beach, soaking up the sun and 500 mai tais a day (like this writer would be if he struck it big), but continuing to play gigs in small clubs around New York City, Seinfeld said the following:

"If you're more interested in what you have achieved -- or what your financial position enables to do -- than that thing that got those things, you're screwed, in my opinion. You're screwed."

As we’ve previously discussed, the comedian is a workhorse, going so far to create his own productivity method (which I may or may not have failed miserably at implicating), but the above is an interested perspective from an artist as ultra successful as Seinfeld. I think, this weekend, we can take these words and use them to drive us to appreciate the art we’re currently creating, whether it’s selling a ton or not selling at all. In the end, it really is the work that matters. Plug away, and never stop plugging away.

It’s worth it.

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