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Redbubble Talks: The Importance of Collaboration

Competition in the art world is tight these days, and success can seem as elusive as Big Foot. However, collaboration is fast becoming a key ingredient to success in this competitive industry. That’s why Redbubble is running the first of our #RedbubbleTalks series.

On November 23 from 4-6pm at Redbubble HQ, Level 3, 271 Collins St, Melbourne, we’re putting four of Australia’s top creative leaders in front of 70 lucky artists to discuss the importance of creating amazing things, together.

Attendees to The Importance of Collaboration will be graced with some words of wisdom from photographer David Russell, tattooist Jack Douglas, curator and consultant Kifka Kingan, and illustrator Loretta Lizzio. This will be the first of many talks and conferences, aimed at inspiring, motivating and equipping independent artists with the resources they need to make our world a prettier place.

More information, and ticket bookings at nvite.com/redbubbletalks/ec2.

[Header image: Jack Douglas]

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