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Piece of the Week: ‘You are here’ by Nicolae Negura

In “You are here,” the viewer is welcomed onto a floating abstract planet where a truly alone figure is suspended in space. Perhaps for Portuguese based Redbubble artist Nicolae Negura‘s artwork is simultaneously saying that we all feel this isolated, and maybe it’s part of the human experience on this planet to be alone. Perhaps it’s also saying there’s something poetic or beautiful in the state of being outside of your own world. Either way, Negura has drawn a beautiful and simple expression of existing in (on?) the world.

"You are here" by Nicolae Negura

Negura has used a subtle palette of greeny-blues which clash against the soft yellow of the stars and lamppost. When discussing existence and being, it seems like a wise move to make sure the palette isn’t too hard on the eyes. I like the way Negura skillfully blends the hand-drawn and digitally painted approach to his illustration, and draws the viewer into the delicate details of the yellow lamplight vibrating out across the night sky. Other subtle details take centre stage like the figure holding a small bag, as if they’ve packed and ready to go to another destination.

For it’s simple and imaginative approach to seeing ourselves, “You are here” by Nicolae Negura is our subtle and smart “Piece of the Week.”