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Piece of the Week: ‘Weird Love’ by WOLFSKULLJACK

Welcome to the world of Wolfskulljack, where love and cuddles take an unusual form. Love really is weird, a complex mix of subjectively odd behavior where dopamine levels skyrocket and suddenly, you might find yourself hugging a wolf skeleton in a bunch of roses. Help us all.

Wolfskulljack is Michelle, a UK based artist living in the UK with a crazy talent for hand-drawn illustrative artworks (and a great Tumblr filled with incredible in-progress shots). Michelle’s hand rendering features a relaxed precision to her drawing, each fine line has been sketched in to perfection. From the hollow contouring of the human skull to the tiny details on the stitching on the fingerless gloves, Michelle knows that successful illustration begins with a dedication to the utterly specific and the small details.



Michelle’s composition in “Weird Love” is what initially struck me as such a strong artwork — the swirling circular vortex of the design shows us a series of rounded shapes; the round skulls, the light green circle backdrop, and the lush fur coat. “Weird Love” creates a space for the viewer to move around the piece similarly to the embrace of dancers as they float across the floor in a waltz.

For its truly strange subject matter (a human skeleton and wolf skeleton?) and complex, abject hand-drawn textures, “Weird Love”  is our Piece of the Week.