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Piece of the Week: ‘Between Two Lungs’ by Nimosa

Nimosa’s design “Between Two Lungs” is simply beautiful. The figures, both twee and adorable. The piece captures the strong hug of young love – youthful lust. It has the perfect tenderness of a first kiss.

The moment is private. Two friends, or possibly lovers, in the midst of creating a secret. Is this a display of childhood love discovering their bodies, a sort of “show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” or are they adults, just happy to be together? It’s hard to tell exactly what this secret is, but no matter. There’s a wonderful honesty in Nimosa’s piece that is rare to find.

"Between Two Lungs" by nimosa

The two figures are held brilliantly within a pair of lungs, giving depth to the theme of “love” and also giving the composition a powerful framework. When I look at a piece I’m always considering where it fits best – in a gallery, on a bedroom wall, on a shirt, a tote, or on a phone case. In the end, you’re looking for how the audience will take in the art and you have to consider, “what is the ideal canvas?”

Smartly composed, Nimosa’s design is incredibly versatile. It’s at home on a tote bag, throw pillow, t-shirt, and even a zip up hoodie, where the two characters are divided on the wearer’s chest, adding a new narrative to the piece.

Whether a happy accident or a toiled-over composition, “Between Two Lungs” is an absolute delight, an example of great design, and our Piece of the Week.

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