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ART+MEL: A Look at Day 1

6am Saturday morning saw a 3 tonne truck roll into Federation Square in Melbourne. From this unassuming vehicle came contents that were anything but unassuming. The Redbubble Melbourne team used those contents to turn this standard city square into an artistic wonderland, and we have been blown away by everyone’s response to our celebration of local artists and their creations.

As it turns out, Melbourne loves public art. They love the 12 beds, each with a multitude of pillows, we have displayed in Federation Square, showcasing all local artists.

They love enjoying the Melbourne summer sunshine in the outdoor gallery/lounge.

And, they absolutely love the live art by Melbourne artists Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn, taking place in Rutledge Lane

Day 1 of Art+Mel has proven to be an EPIC display of giant letters, interactive art, and a lot of beds. It’s continuing on from 10am-6pm tomorrow, and will be topped off with the Art+Mel afterparty at 1000 Pound Bend (RSVP right HERE). So if you’re in the area be sure to head over and say hi.

Check out some more of the Melbourne madness below.

Keep your eye out for more updates and images soon. Bring on Day 2!

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