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Art+Mel: An Art Event Without the White Walls

Alongside many epic  meetings and sleepless nights, Team RB is up to something pretty exciting out of our Melbourne headquarters: ART+MEL, a two day art event taking independent art out of the galleries and onto Melbourne’s city streets. This is Redbubble’s biggest and most ambitious undertaking yet, and we’re pretty excited to show Melbourne the best that Redbubble’s local artists have to offer.

Art+Mel will be showcasing over 100 local artists across all Redbubble products, in two interactive hotspots throughout Melbourne’s CBD:

1. Bed Square

We’re showcasing over 15 local artists on original pillows and duvet covers. This is not your usual bedroom setting, so come and discover some artworks to sleep under. Experience the art that can decorate your iPhone, tote bag, or sofa. No white walls required.

WHERE: Federation Square, Corner Swanston Street + Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

WHEN: Saturday + Sunday 10:00AM — 6:00PM

2. Round the Bend

Wander through Rutledge Lane and get caught in the newest installation of street art by local artists Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn. This is your chance to witness them at work as they add another layer of colour to one of Melbourne’s infamous laneways.

WHERE: Rutledge Lane, Melbourne CBD (near Hosier Lane)

WHEN: Saturday + Sunday 10:00AM — 6:00PM

Art+Mel will also see one of Melbourne’s infamous laneways transformed by the amazing work of Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn, as well as live art from Justine McAllister and Simon Sherry at the Art+Mel afterparty on November 30 from 6pm – 1am at 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St. RSVP for the bash here.

If you plan to be in or around Melbourne on November 29 & 30, make sure you check out Art+Mel in all its art loving, independent glory.

Check out artplusmel.com for further details.

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