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Piece of the Week: ‘Goatowls’ by zuzannakrolik

This week’s Piece of the Week requires the viewer to wrap their head around the imagined hybrid animal the goatowl. Exactly as its name suggests, the creatures pictured in Redbubble artist Zuzannakrolik‘s “Goatowls” are crosses between wise, stoically posed owls and noble, horned goats. It’s a wonderful play on animal illustration that serves as an insightful look into the wild mind of a creative artist.

The flat panel-like rendering of the watercolor and pencil work is an obvious homage to Victorian Art Nouveau. Made with a limited depth and heavy use of outlining and pencil markings, the work would feel at home in a fancy parlor or entry way. It has the feel of a found antiquity, from a time of exploration and fascination with exotic animals and lands.

"Goatowls (colour)" by zuzannakrolik tote bag

The immense skill and attention to detail is apparent in the draped vine over the owlgoats’ horns, which makes me think that the flattened perspective plane is an intentional maneuver rather than an accidental static scene. It looks like Zuzannakrolik has enjoyed carefully composing the unusual owlgoat scene.

Not only is a great piece of work, but as you can see above, it looks particularly awesome on a tote bag.

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