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Design Ideas that Look Great on Mugs

Update 2: Travel Mugs are here!

Updated with correct image requirements for standard and tall mugs. 


It’s always a good idea to design with the product in mind, but not everyone has time for that. Sometimes it’s okay to revisit existing designs. Especially if you’re giving them a new form. Here are some tips and inspiration on how to properly translate existing works to Redbubble’s newest product, mugs.

We will be releasing three styles of mugs to suit every taste. As of now, only the standard size is available to customers, but you can upload work for all three sizes as the other two options will be available soon. So it’s better to be prepared for when they go live.

The sizes and image requirements are:

  • Standard (11oz/325ml) – (w) 2700px x (h) 1624px
  • Tall – (12oz/354ml) – (w) 2700px x (h) 1624px
  • Travel (15oz/443ml) – (w) 2376px x (h) 2024px

Below are some early bird artists who have already uploaded some great looking designs. Take these examples and run with them. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for this great new product.

Single Motif

Do you have t-shirt or sticker works uploaded? You can take these designs, pick a spot for them on the mug, and then change the background color to play off the design. If you aren’t sure how to create a transparent background head on over to this page to learn how. You can also place single images side by side to get a balanced look on your mug, so no matter which way it’s facing, it shows off your stuff.

Check out this example from Daisy Beatrice:

"Hipster Owlet v2" by daisy-beatrice


An all-over pattern is great for mugs because it can easily be manipulated to cover the entirety of the mug, no matter which size. You can take any motif you have and turn it into a pattern using this tutorial.

Check out this wonderful pattern example by solnoirstudios:


"Triangles - Mint Tangerine" by solnoirstudios

Horizontal or Square

If you want your image to cover the entire mug, it’s a good idea to consider uploading works that fit the mugs’ shapes. Horizontal, rectangular shapes fit the standard and tall mugs’ surface. For the travel mug, an almost square shape is used for the printed image.

Keep in mind that as your design wraps around the mug, the sides will meet or come close to meeting. Consider using artwork with seamless sides like Sophie Corrigan‘s “Cardinals.”

"Cardinals" by Sophie Corrigan

Now it’s your turn.

Get to your studios, laptops, or elsewhere and start designing and uploading for mugs. If you need a hand, you can consult this lovely little FAQ here.

And once you upload, be sure to share your mug in the comments below.

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