3 Reasons to Create for Calendars

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As 2014 winds down and we make our slow slide into the future land of 2015, we can start to think about how to best utilize this time to not only showcase and sell our work, but to also stock up on some great gifts for the holiday season. And what better way to do it with calendars?

Not only do calendars serve as a practical, inexpensive gift, but they’re also a great showcase for your work. Plus, we’re currently running a sale on calendars, greeting cards, and postcards. All you have to do is log in to your RB account to get the promo code, and create and shop away.

To lend a hand, here are a few great reasons why you, if you haven’t already, should consider creating and loading up on calendars this season.

You can use them show your stuff

What better way to create a beautiful collection of your work than with a calendar? Not only can you include a great selection of your favorite or best selling works, but you can do so and sell it inexpensively. Each month, a new piece from your portfolio will be proudly displayed on the wall of a happy customer’s home, giving you more exposure and more ways to connect with new fans. Check out these cool examples like”The Art of Terry Fan” by Terry Fan, “Kelly Nicolaisen Photography” by Kelly Nicolaisen, and “Carbine top selling design” by Carbine.

You can pick a theme

If you have works that all fit into one theme or cycle, you can collect them into one neat package just like Karen Hallion‘s “Iron Women,” Catrin Welz-Stein‘s “Moonwalk,” and Tony Day‘s “Street Scenes

They make great gifts

If you’re a visual artist, and are looking for a holiday gift for your friends or families (especially Moms!), a calendar is a great way to show off what you do while locked up in your studio. Personalized presents are often more impactful than standard, store bought items, so you’re sure to delight (and impress) the folks on your shopping list with a nice collection of your amazing artwork. Check out “Between Here and There” by Mimi Yoon, “Dreams” by Bellefores, and “L A N D S C A P E S – England – Scotland – Wales” by Dorit Fuhg.

In order to take advantage of our latest promo, just sign into your RB account, grab the code from the big gray banner at the top of the page, and have at it. But act fast, it ends on Oct 16 at midnight PDT.

If you need tips on creating great calendars, check out this FAQ.

Share your calendars in the comments below.

[Header image: “Ocean Meets Sky” by Terry Fan]

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