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Piece of the Week: ‘English House’ by Stirpel

A woman stands in an upstairs window alone as her house floats on an iceberg out to sea in this strangely beautiful “English House.” Redbubble artist Stirpel‘s illustration appears to be straight from the pages of a comic book or graphic novel I would love to read. It features charming attention to details in the external ornamentation on the house, but it’s the space behind the house as the evening sky opens up that I find particularly powerful — the way illustration can expand space and bend the imagination makes this work truly unique.

"English House" by Stirpel

Stripel is studying graphic design in Germany and harbors a passion for illustration, which clearly shows in “English House.” His palette is mature and refined, with a soft yellow light infiltrating the blues and greens of the artwork. According to the work’s description, Stripel drew inspiration for “English House” from the Fleet Foxes song by the same name, using their indie folk sound as a starting place for his hand-drawn creation, also it looks killer as a phone or tablet case.

"English House" iPhone6 case

For its careful execution and beautiful sensibility when illustrating illumination and light, “English House” is our Piece of the Week. Purchase it on a case, apparel, a tote bag, a throw pillow or print here.

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