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Piece of the Week: ‘Big Ez’ by Cammiller

Redbubble artist Cammiller’s, “Big Ez” is not a subject, or artwork to mess around with. Covered in tats, hand-made details, and framed by a haze of smokey clouds, “Big Ez” is as striking a work as it’s emblematic . This formal use of composition works for the far out liberal application of color that are bright enough to knock your eyeballs out.

Big Ez by cammiller

My favorite part of “Big Ez” is the combination of hand-drawn-details, a pop palette, and street art colors. Bubblegum pinks and hazy sunset purples are reminiscent of contemporary LA drawing scenes which favor light pastels and blissed-out balmy hues. Occasionally we come across works on Redbubble that are so utterly successful and brilliant, and for me, “Big Ez” is one of those works. It’s simple, to the point, hand-crafted, well-drawn, and executed to perfection. Plus, the hugely cute representation of a bear with a tattoo on his paw that says, “L. I. F. E.” is a major bonus.

For it’s chilled palette, “Big Ez” is our furry Piece of the Week. 

You can purchase it as a pillow, tote bag, print, or more at cammiller’s shop here.