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Open Discussion: Do You Ever Feel Like Giving Up on Art?

Has there been a moment in your creative life when you’ve felt like stopping? Has there been an event, or catalyst that made you consider giving it all up? Could you do it if you wanted to? We want to hear all about it.

"Get Free" by Nicolae Negura

Perhaps it was the birth of a tiny human or the complexities of aging parents or a terrifyingly barren bank account or lack of confidence when it comes to self-promotion or a severe bout with self-doubt that made retreating seem like the best option?

Or, have you already walked away from your creative endeavors only to return to them days, weeks, or years later? Is it even possible for you to fathom calling it quits? Is your work the one constant in your life that remains unchanged?

This week’s Open Discussion is a broad topic and we invite you to share any and all varied experiences on the potential of giving up art and/or coming back to it. Please let us know in the comments about any experiences you’ve had.

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