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7 Trends to Help Inspire Your Best Autumn and Winter Works

Autumn is here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) and seeing all the new artwork popping up throughout the site is pretty exciting.  It’s never a bad idea to stay ahead of the game and be aware of these seasonal trends as they hustle right along, especially with the Holiday shopping season breathing down our necks.

Just for you, we’ve made note of a few trends gracing the homes, bodies, and gadgets of many customers and neatly packaged them up in the form a blog post. Don’t forget though, a trend is a trend. It will come and go, and come right back again. We want to see how each of you crazy-good artists can own these themes like no other by creating killer duvet covers, tote bags, throw pillows, t-shirts, phone cases, and more.

Be sure to click each image to find out more and support each featured artist below.


The name itself stems from dye historically used in Japanese and Indian textiles. Tried and true, Indigo is a blue that has been tested over generations. A digitally printed version of this often handcrafted fiber works perfectly across any product. Check out these products from micklyncassiathistleandfox for some ideas.

Leaves and Ferns

Interlocking fern and leaf patterns in non-traditional autumn colors give the seasonal motif (and your home) a facelift just like we see in the works of tanorsquirrell, and beththompsonart below.

Butterflies and Moths

These metamorphic critters are a motif often associated with spring or summer but a neutral background makes for a nice way to transition your designs from summertime to autumn to winter months easily. Have a look at perrinlefeuvrezeketuckerthistleandfox here.

Woodland Creatures

All our furry forest friends get to come out and play with this trend. Maybe have them try on a flannel jacket or a puffy vest to dress them up for the cooler days ahead like in manoouanimalcrew, or papersparrow‘s works below.

Pantone Color Palette

Pantone’s fashion color report for autumn 2014 isn’t too bad of a source to head on over to for inspiration in designing work for this season. As you know, those Pantone folks do have quite the reputation. So here is a few of our favorite ways to combine their color choices using radiant orchid, misted yellow, sangria, bright cobalt, and cypress from kakelkarinbijlsma, and smalldrawing.


With this trend, the more decorative and ornate the better. Here again it’s great to make sure to use of some traditional textile motifs. Let us see all the lace, bold patterns, and damask you got just we see here in the work of nataliia-kudvdesign, and mashama.


Feather motifs in varying color palettes are a beautiful autumn theme that can still be relevant throughout the rest of the year. Helping to keep your design well loved in the homes of those that support your work. Here are some great examples from amyhamiltonterryfanmagpiemagic.

Do you have work that already fits into one of these 7 new trends? If you do, or if you’re going to create some, share it in the comments below.


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