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The Redbubble Team is Thrilled about Throw Pillows

We here at Redbubble couldn’t be more excited about our ever-expanding line of Home Decor products such as Duvet Covers and Throw Pillows.

So as we did with our amazing semi-gloss posters, the Redbubble team wanted to share with you our enthusiasm for the quality, comfort, and creativity of our Throw Pillows. Below, you’ll see pics of team members from the Melbourne and San Francisco Bay Area offices posing, playing, and napping with their favorite designs from their favorite artists on their new favorite pillows.

Be sure to check out the work of each and every artist featured.

Members of the Bay Area Team

Members of the The Melbourne Team

Keegan with "butterfly man v2" by frederic levy-hadida

Steph with "The discovery" by stardixa

Dom with "NEW YORK" by JazzberryBlue

Eunice with "Let's Read" by kbdoodles

Ash F. with "Glowing Forest" by Wojciech Dabrowski

Sara with "Icecold" by Henry Castelein

Jesse with "Bear // Calm" by Amy Hamilton

Daniel with "Graphic 100" by Mareike Böhmer

Ash M. with "End of the Road" by kibishipaul

David with "Happinessie" by by Naolito

Tiffany D. with "Pillow Fight!!!" by Chris Brett

Melissa with "Prayer" by Frank Moth

Malcolm with "The Flinders Blowhole" by Nick Skinner

Neil with "The big red tree in my courtyard" by Alessandro Andreuccetti

Danielle with "Desert Plants" by Hannahkaypiche

Petz with "The Fisherman" by RoamingRoan

Troy with "It's Full of Stars!" by FalcaoLucas

Faith with "CMYK - the creation of retro" by by Elo Marc

Zezan with "The Eye" by brianluong

Tiffany H. with "Retro swimsuits" by menulis

Stephen with "Blue Ring Aquatic Life" by Ashley Peppenger

Kaitlyn with "Sunflower" by AnaCBStudio

Mr. Baxter with All the Pillows by All the Artists (Always)

Martin with "three wise owls" by Karin Taylor

Angelo with "Victorian Cat Series 01" by mirzers

Robbie with "Sydney" by AngieDavies

J.J. with "There's an Elephant in my Garden" by Karin Taylor

Eddie with "Go west - cycling" by Budi Satria Kwan

Kasia with "Dandelion Heart" by Fay Helfer

Chris with "Church in Chamonix in Haute-Savoie, France" by Chris D'Souza

Brooke with "Trees Are the Shit" by robertandjoey

Dana with "Victorian Cat Series 02" by mirzers

Steve with "Dive In" by Karolis Butenas

Abla with "Ailuridae" by Nathan Davis

Jenny with "Feathers" by Amy Hamilton

Lyn with "Sloth I♥lazy" by limeart

Corina with "No Fool Like An Old Fool" by drawgood

Zen with "What You See Is What You Get" by by Elo Marc

Joff (and Daniel) with "collecting silk from crystal spiders" by fioski

Jimson with "snake child" by fioski

Rob with "nebulae" by vampvamp

Photos by Troy Evans and Alex Wein

All artists featured in the above images are free (and encouraged) to share these pics and this post far wide. Spread the word!

Also, Check out more great Throw Pillow designs here and share your favorites in the comments below.

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