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Piece of the Week: ‘The Middle Of Nowhere’ by Alex G Griffiths

Redbubble artist Alex G Griffiths is a designer and illustrator with a keen eye for the hand-drawn. Alex has developed a profile that is filled up with painstakingly detailed, perfectly planned and stylishly executed drawings in pen and ink. It’s hard to look away from the mesmerizing detail in “The Middle of Nowhere,” in which the hand markings of sketched-out-forest are evident. It’s this attention to detail and manipulation of ink that makes “The Middle of Nowhere” such a pleasure to study. There is something continually refreshing and comforting in seeing the makers’ marks, and “The Middle of Nowehere” brings this in spades.

"The Middle Of Nowhere" by Alex G Griffiths

The cabin in the woods is an idyllic scene, and one we can all relate to — from children’s story books, to folk tale,s to places we’ve visited, an isolated cabin with an open fire roaring speaks of a nostalgia for times past. This delightful scene in Alex’s illustration is the stuff of books, childhood memory and imaginative storytelling. I think this illustrative scene is made so by the use of monochrome in Alex’s portfolio, in which color is avoided to achieve a greater affect.

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