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Open Discussion: Who Do You Turn to for Artistic Advice?

Who do you ask for advice? And how did you end up asking them? In this week’s Open Discussion we want to know the details of how and why you came to trust the opinions of those you do. Do you ask your colleagues for advice? What about your significant other?

Many artists have hidden creative work away from view and not entertained feedback — Nabakov’s last novel The Origin of Laura was only seen by his son and wife after his death before it was finally published 30 years later. Writer Anais Nin never showed anyone most of her writing and when her husband found some of her personal diary, she claimed it was the writing of a fictionalized woman who was possessed by the devil. Sharing isn’t always easy.

"a cup of tea a day" by silviarossana

It makes sense to ask your colleagues and co-workers around you for advice. If you’re lucky enough to share a studio space with other creatives, they probably know what you’re harping on about so they’re probably a good bet. Is there a teacher at university that you came to trust for honest advice? Or do you stick to hard and fast rules and only show one or two friends your work?

Is there a small group you always farm out to for review? Did you ever regret sharing work with others? Please join us in the comments below to swap the highs and lows of turning to others for advice on your artwork.

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