Friendship Day: Artwork Sure to Make Your BFF Smile

Friendship Day has been celebrated in different ways, on different dates, by different cultures for the last century. To each their own you know. The holiday became officially recognized three years ago by the United Nations in the hopes of celebrating and encouraging friendships across cultures. Promoting peace among nations through happy relationships. Not too bad of an idea.

So let’s celebrate with awesome artwork that reminds us of  some of the nicest ways to pass the time. Whether that be moments spent with our best buds cozying up for nap time, soaking in a cup of tea, some good old fashioned hide and seek,  or watching the clouds go by. Peace through friendship sounds pretty good right about now, don’t you think?

"Best Friends" by nanlawson

"loosen up a little!" by kimvervuurt

"hide and seek" by louros

"Astronaut astray" by Laura Wood

"!11" by Kuba Gornowicz

"Golf Buddies" by Jacques Maes

"We're like Peanut Butter & Jelly" by Perrin Le Feuvre

"Dinner With Friends" by BootsBoots

"Umbrella" by Judith Loske

"A Date With A Narwhal" by twinklefish

What do you think of the above work? Let us know or share your fave in the comments below.

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