Aviation Day: Take Flight with these Lofty Works

August 19th marks National Aviation Day here in the United States. The 19th was selected because it coincides with flight revolutionary, Orville Wright’s birthday. The history of flight has made numerous leaps and bounds since the days of Orville and his brother Wilbur’s groundbreaking work, which is why we wanted t pay tribute to this wondrous creation that’s allowed humankind to sail up and away, into the sky. There is something pretty astounding to us land walkers about how birds (or flying squirrels) glide through the air so effortlessly. It’s no doubt why man wanted to do the same.

Here we have included some aviation landmarks for your viewing pleasure. Our artistic flying experiments started with beautifully colored kites that extended upward, testing the pull of gravity. We went on to have some striped hot air balloons with elephants for baskets, a bird-winged plane,  and a boat-like helicopter to name a few. Flying machines sure are visually appealing. It’s no wonder they serve as inspiration to so many wonderful Redbubble artists.

"Aerial II" by Eevien Tan

"Flight of the Bumblebee" by Eric Fan

"Bon voyage" by randoms

"Flight of The Elephants" by Terry Fan

"Fly" by Judith Loske

"It's a bird. It's a plane..." by jamesormiston

"Let's fly away" by Indea Vanmerllin

"Automaton" by Cody Seekins

"A Mystical Voyage" by fizzyjinks

"baloon bird" by louros

You can purchase any of the above artworks on multiple products by clicking the images above.

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