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Horror Legend Wes Craven Gets ‘Stabby’ with His New Redbubble Shirt

On his official Instagram, filmmaker Wes Craven showed off his new Redbubble T-shirt in fitting fashion for the horror legend, by flashing some fearful steel.

Craven is wearing “Slasher Road,” (or “Stabby Road” as Wes calls it) artist kal5000‘s very clever homage to the Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover. As you can see, instead of John, Paul, Ringo, and George, we’ve got slashers Freddy Krueger, Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees, and Norman Bates strolling through the iconic crosswalk.

Craven is best known as the creator of Freddy Krueger, and though he had nothing to do with the other characters on the tee, it’s nice to see he’s put any potential rivalries aside and is embracing these murderous villains as a true blue horror geek.

Head to kal5000’s profile to see more and pick up your own “Slasher Road” tee, tote bag, throw pillow, or case.

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