What the Heck is a Platypus Anyway?

The platypus is one of the weirdest things to evolve on Earth. They have that face, and they look weird, and also, they’re poisonous. Sometimes, one wonders if they’re not secretly a chimaera of ancient legends. They’re weird, okay? Anyway, as any other thing that is weird, the platypus has become the subject of a variety of art here on Redbubble.

Plenty of artists have adopted this weird creature that really, really doesn’t make sense as their muse, and have dedicated many works to it. Sure, we’re all familiar with the most famous platypus, Perry, from Phineas and Ferb, but there are many, many more examples of the platypus out there. (What’s the plural form of platypus, anyway?)

Here are some of our favorite platypus artworks, just in case you were looking for a shirt, poster, sticker, tote bag, or more featuring  one of Earth’s weirdest animals.


"Pfft Who Says I Can't Fly?" by Lydia Kurnia

"Platterpus" by zoodles

"War Beast: Platypus" by Firedrake

"Ornithorhynchus anatinus" by chamba

"Little Platypus" by Nina Rycroft

"Platypus" by melhillswildart

"Dapper Platypus" by Julia Clarke

"Platypus with People Hairclips" by busymockingbird

"flirting" by ipoeng

"Platypus Xmas Artwork" by vinn

"It Can Always Be Both" by unknownbinaries

"Classypus" by MadnessAtHand

"Platypus Diagram" by jezkemp

"Scribble Platypus" by Daniel Seex

Do you have a favorite platypus artwork here on Redbubble? Post it or discuss the above pieces below.