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Piece of the Week: Cezar Brandao’s ‘Twins’

Cezar Brandao creates the organic from pixels and processors. Brandao’s figures glimmer with a digital sheen, yet they have the flushed red cheeks and dew-filled eyes of living flesh.

His piece, ‘Twins” combines the organic with the clockwork. The two girls mid-sleep, lay in symmetry – opposite and divided. Grid-like. The negative space between them a pure black void. They’re locked into each other, two pieces of the same puzzle.


"Twins" by cezarbrandao

There’s a calculated mood to “Twins,” as if it were created by pure arithmetic. Brandao is not afraid to let his use of digital tools be known, in fact, he incorporates the unique robotics of his software into his art. The girls, I can’t get over those girls, their skin glows yellow with currents of blue, almost human but not quite – it’s the unchecked static of a digital approximation of life. They shimmer like the silicone rainbow of the data stored on the underside of a CD.

Brandao made an interesting choice with “Twins” when it came time to choose the products for his Redbubble shop. First you find that the design is available on a throw pillow, a seemingly odd choice for figurative work but once you see it it all makes sense.

The piece itself contains these interlocking puzzle pieces, the girls and the black in this spinning axis – as a pillow it’s grounded and fits into the surroundings nicely. To create a beautiful piece of art is no easy task, but to have the design sense to understand how it will work on various shapes and in various spaces is another skill altogether. It’s also in his shop as a tote bag, t-shirt, sweatshirt, and a hoodie, but it is not available as a print, an interesting omission.

I immediately fell for Brandao’s work, “Twins” in particular. It’s a simple and well-choreographed use of space and tools, a strange and alluring combination of technology and beauty. I, for one can’t wait to see what he adds to his store next.

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