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Open Discussion: Did You Go to Art School?

As we ramp up our Back to School plans here at Redbubble, we thought it’d be fitting to pose a question to you folks in the RB artist community about that very topic. Did you go to art school? And if you did, was it worth it? Do you feel like it expanded your skill set, mind, and artistic ability? Did it limit your natural talent or elevate it? Would you recommend art school to young artists?

"The Thinker" by Haasbroek

Art school (and college in general) can help some artists become more well-rounded individuals full of more life experience which in turn leads to deeper, more interesting work. But, classes, structure, and the opinions of professors can also limit the originality creativity of some as well. A recent article in The Atlantic discussed a pair of studies focused on whether creativity can be learned or if it is an innate trait bestowed upon the gifted few. One study found that while a creative person’s brain is neurologically different than that of a less creative person, it is the creative person’s “openness to experience” that could make it that way. The second study found that creative people can naturally process information and make connections quicker, which leads to more and better creativity. So, perhaps creativity cannot be taught or learned, but it can be nurtured, and some artists might need a hand in that regard.

So what do you think? Did you go to art school? Are you currently an art student? Do you think it’s beneficial or do you think it hinders your art? And how has it impacted your work at Redbubble?

Let us know in the comments below.

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