Moon Day: A Cosmic Collection

Moon Day is a holiday created to celebrate the iconic day man first walked on the moon, July 20th, 1969.  Traveling into space and stepping foot on something we’ve always seen just  hanging there in the sky sounds like a pretty awesome adventure. The moon in all its out of this world beauty is no doubt a feat of nature’s glory that artists turn to for inspiration again and again.

Here is a cosmic collection of celestial artwork to get us doing the moonwalk, making moon pies, or maybe even motivating us to explore the unknown abyss. Go where no one has gone before, be it in your day to day life or through your artistic endeavors.

"Moon Banana!" by jamesormiston

"Space can be lonely" by levman

"Space Surfing" by nicebleed

"Endless Journey" by zachterrell

"Contact" by filiskun

"Space Between" by victorsbeard

"The history of scientific discoverys" by Tepa Lahtinen

"FAIL" by KennyPoppins

"GoodNight" by carbine

"alone in my space" by lmilustraciones

Discuss these works or share your own in the comments below.

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