The Machines are in Control in this Collection of Robot Art

With Michael Bay bringing his patented brand of BOOM to theaters once again with Transformers: Age of Extinction, we thought it’d be fitting to show off some of the Redbubble community’s best in bot on bot carnage.

With the engrossing read of quite a few science fiction novels, big blockbuster films composed of mechanical life forms  in out of this world Imax 3D , and real world technologies developing at an exponential rate turning fiction into reality,  it is no wonder that artists can become a little obsessed with the mechanical imagery of robots.

Whether or not the artwork below is currently conceivable or not it can’t help but make us wonder what a tin man world would look like. Will we replace animals with mechanical replicas just like a Philip K. Dick novel? Will artificial intelligence with light bulb heads keep our children company and teach them how to fish? Or  will they reach some higher level of consciousness bring final peace on earth? Or will they turn us into bunch of batteries like in The Matrix? Who knows?

But all those nuts and bolts with moving gears sure are fun to draw though.


"SCOUT" by CatLauncher

"Dune walker" by DanielVijoi


"Role" playing by carbine

"Bad Signal" by Roman Shipunov

"from the Vault - One Fine Day" by chamba

"Robot" by debschmill

"Braindrain" by Matthew Laznicka

"Mr. Ohmz the Buddha Bot v6 by sumrow"

"Copper Song Bird" by Terry Fan

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