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The New Stuff: Bulk Disable Products in Your RB Portfolio

Those with a keen eye may have noticed that the Manage Portfolio page has recently had a little facelift. In addition to being able to easily see how many total views all the current works in your portfolio have racked up, you can now also see your all time sales, comments, and favorites.

We’ve also added the ability to enable or disable any product across your portfolio. It’s super important to note that this is a bulk editing tool which enables or disables your chosen product on all your public works.

Here’s a quick rundown on how it works.

Head to your portfolio page and click on Manage Works. Here you will find the brand spanking new Product Availability button.

Choose the product you wish to enable/disable from the drop down menu and click either Enable All or Disable All.

As the cautionary tale reads – there is absolutely no undo.  If you disable a product that you have available on only a limited number of works, to get them back again you’ll need to either use the enable function (which will enable the product for all works) or alternatively add the product to each individual work.

So as a final step you’ll see a pop up window asking you to confirm your changes.


If you have any further questions, we’ve whipped this handy FAQ for you .

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