These Rats Have Soccer Fever

No matter which team you root for in the World Cup. No matter whether you call it soccer or football. No matter if you’re a casual fan or a diehard. There’s one thing we guarantee you can all agree on: rats playing soccer are absolutely adorable!

Which is why, in the spirit of fun and games, we decided to round up the photos of Redbubble rat photography extraordinaire Ellen van Deelen that show her wonderful pet rats playing the game that’s currently dominating our airwaves, pubs, and lives.

So put aside your differences, rivalries, and loyalties, and sit back and bask in the glory of our very favorite rodent partaking in our very favorite sport.

"In case of need....." by Ellen van Deelen

"I love to play!" by Ellen van Deelen

"Playing soccer." by Ellen van Deelen

"A real sportsman..." by Ellen van Deelen

"Learning how to play soccer." by Ellen van Deelen

Share your favorite photos or illustrations of animals playing soccer from the RB community in the comments below.

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