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Piece of the Week: ‘Mermaid’ by AudGreen

AudGreen (real name Audrey Greenhalgh) has developed a portfolio of manga-inspired, comic book-lookin’ illustrations. She’s recently created a Redbubble collection dedicated to “Apocalyptic Monster Girls,” filled with colors bright enough to pop your blood vessels. All of Audrey’s artworks are deeply influenced by the aforementioned manga and anime figures, the women she draws adopting the poses of traditional characters. This style is never more prevalent than in our Piece of the Week, work “Mermaid.”

"Mermaid" by AudGreen

“Mermaid” effortlessly brings to life the devilish underbelly of the ocean floor, and the aquatic creature who inspired this piece has never looked so fierce before. It’s reminiscent of the ocean god Poseidon, who commanded the underwater world. Any rendering of polite, appeasing long-haired mermaids have been abandoned by Audrey to bring us a guerrilla, feminist take on what mermaids can be.

Audrey has a degree in illustration and the use of pop art in her illustrative work makes “Mermaid” a truly unique and fresh take on pop and comic inspired artworks. She’s stopped paying homage to what came before her, and has begun inventing her own narrative within this work, playing upon her repeated use of bright pinks and aqua greens.

For its expressive comic book aesthetic and spiky palette “Mermaid” is our Piece of the Week.

Find out more about Audrey here.