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Piece of the Week: ‘Clutter Jam’ by ASEO

This piece by ASEO is probably a scene you’ve seen in real life. Far from the pixel world ASEO has created, inspiration looks drawn from crowded city streets we see each day. The work is a fun trip into the quirks of the the characters that he has appropriated like hamburgers, knights, and sheep to create a charmingly unique group of friends.

"Clutter Jam" by ASEO

Liberally anthropomorphized Characters pop in orange and black. It’s this obvious play of making the inanimate animate which brings a life to this artwork, and seems appropriate after ASEO completed a degree in Multimedia Arts at university. It’s this dedication to characterizing the unusual that makes his designs so engaging.

The eye moves over the piece easily and freely, as if the characters are jiving for attention. It’s enjoyable to watch and a rare and exciting trait in design. It makes us reflect on what we see when we look at the world around us each day, no matter how usual or mundane.

For it’s sharp look at the zany and interesting all around us, it is our Piece of the Week.