Let’s Celebrate Triskaidekaphobia with this Creepily Cute Collection for Friday the 13th

Somewhere along the way it was determined that Fridays landing on the 13th of the month are unlucky days in which terrible, awful, no good things can/will/most likely happen. This doomed day is considered nightmarish partially because the number 13 itself is considered to be ominous. Examples of triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) can be found everywhere from the occasional hotel that makes the educated decision to completely change the 13th floor to the 14th floor, regardless of true numerical order, to airplanes without 13th rows, to masked serial killers who murder partying teens at Camp Crystal Lake.

But then again there are some people that say the number 13 is lucky. The symbol is a popular one to have incorporated into tattoo flash (hence Friday the 13th tattoo deals).

So this collection here is a happy medium. A collection that is a little unlucky and kinda lucky all at once. Superstitious or not this creepily cute artwork shows some critters that – although a little disturbed — you might not mind running into on this Friday the 13th.

"Licha" by Saccstry

"snake child" by fioski

"Calm" by Kuba Gornowicz

"Ack and Ug" by WhiteStagArt

"Drama Queen" by Liransz

"Copper" by chazzieh

"Peek-a-Boo" by Affectors

"NOSTALGIA" by KennyPoppins

"Unfortunately, Time Could Not Heal All." by BurroSaurus

"Reaper's Pizza" by TonyRiff

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