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Challenge Yourself: Describe Your Artwork in 100 Words Or Less

One of the best ways to get better at self-promotion, sharing, and selling your artwork is the ability to succinctly talk about what you create. A commenter on our recent post about how to best use tags in your Redbubble profile brought up an interesting point concerning how, exactly, one effectively describes his or her own work.

So a challenge we’d like to set is to ask you to describe your work in 100 words or less (or 150 if you really must). 100 word sum-ups are great because they force you to be clear about yourself. Simple descriptions of what you do go a long way to coming across like a straightforward person with a digestible portfolio. 100 words is about the length of a tweet, short enough to say something, not too long that it ever gets boring. Keep things simple and always come back to considering your readership first.

"Boring Blah Monster" by VectoryBelle

So how do you arrange your 100 words? What do you prioritize? Do you discuss the materials that you use? Do you talk subject matter? Style? Inspiration? What’s the ideal artist bio?

Please share your 100-150 word artist biography in the comments below. Plus, are there any tips that work for you?