Camera Day: Artwork Inspired by the Optical Instrument Itself

Cameras  are so heavily integrated into our culture that they get their own day. Let’s review some of our favorites. Digital SLR cameras with all of their high resolution glory for the trigger happy tourist (or professional), the iPhone with its ready for Instagram square box, the Polaroid camera with all of its instant gratification and current artistic comeback, and analog film cameras with fun retro flare. Whether the person behind the camera is a professional or not, each camera type has its own unique style and provides endlessly wonderful imagery.

Curated below is artwork that celebrates the beauty in the functionality of a camera.

"The Photographer" by Eric Fan

"studio" by Sasha Korolev

"Smile for the Camera" by micklyn

"Camera" by danielrafalski

"Moment Catcher" by buko

"Leica Love!" by creativepanic

"InstaMemory" by FrankMoth

"Exposed" by alwayslovedcc

"the photographer" by Loui Jover

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