Anatomical Botany: Twisting the Flora with the Flesh

Historically, scientific illustrations have been used as a source for study because of their expertly executed exactness. The work shown below, by our Redbubble community, blend traditional anatomical and botanical drawing techniques. These interpretations no longer portray an exact diagram of anatomy or botany, but a representation blending the two worlds. It could be seen as the body living and breathing through nature.

"The Quiet Discovery" by AK Westerman

"Black Pennies" by Bailey Watro

"Dandelion Heart" by Fay Helfer

"Skull Nest" by carbine

"Daydreamer" by Huebucket

"Pelvis" by Paula Morales

"captured" by Catrin Welz-Stein

"Listen to your hear" by buko

"Original symmetry" by LorenAssisi

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