So Many Beards in Ever Growing Lengths

To shave or not to shave, should that even be a question? Okay now, we all tend to have our own preferences for beard maintenance: the chin strap, the goatee, the soul patch, the really long and scary Howard Hughes kind, or many others. Over the centuries rules of etiquette sure have tried to dictate what types of  facial hair (or lack thereof) are appropriate for respectable members of society.  No matter the opinion, the RB artists’ work below places quite a favorably aesthetic light on the prickly, fully-bearded matter.

"Él y el mar" by stardixa

"Waiting" by Alex G Griffiths

"Igor" by SofiaBonati

"this is the beard he is always growing" by luisa hansal

"Sailor-cat" by Ilya Meshkovskiy

"HIMSELF" by Michael Todd Berland

"Stargazer" by PaulvanOijen

"sad little sailor" by Tess Smith-Roberts

"Together" by LittleCanoe

"Beards!" by murphypop

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