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Piece of the Week: ‘Greyson’s Feet’ by Keiran Chang

Artist Keiran Chang‘s “Greyson’s Feet” is a beautiful colorful trip into a nostalgic world. Filled with whimsy that doesn’t grate, Chang’s original acrylic painting activates the imagination with its delightful play on scale. His subject spills out of a surrealist dreamscape, with a figure standing on one big toe, and a grand piano standing on the other. Who these giant feet belong to, or why this tiny being and a piano are inhabiting these toes remains a mystery.

Some of the best pieces of art on Redbubble both surprise you and take you on a journey. “Greyson’s Feet” does both of these things, showing a great deal of care in its attention to detail, as the tiny birds fly above the figure and piano.

"Greyson's Feet" by Keiran Chang

Chang’s skill with a brush is perhaps best demonstrated with the soft pastel background, adding to a steady warm glow. It is the atmosphere generated by the brush stroke and luminous pinks that make for a delightful spin on late impressionist moody painting. Chang has taken his painting skills and applied them to an image brimming with anticipation, questions and excitement. Perhaps that’s the mark of a good painting, one that can marry both technical prowess and push conceptual forms.

For it’s ability to induce wonder and spark imagination, and for it’s snug representation of striped socks, “Greyson’s Socks” is our Piece of the Week.