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Open Discussion: What’s the First Step in Your Creative Process?

How do you kickstart your creative process? Do you have a ritual you must complete? Do you have to make a cup of coffee or salute the sun? Do you weep uncontrollably or listen to a particular Miles Davis song? In this Open Discussion we’re asking you to share what you have set in place to get your creative juices flowing. Do you have to run through a list of errands? Do you have to run 10 miles? Do you have to take a drive? Do you have take a shower? Do you have to do anything?

"Still life with tea" by rob castro

Rituals are important for developing routines and triggering your brain to begin work. Taking steps to begin your creative process is like developing a habit, not all of them are good, but there can be a consistent outcome at the end of it each time. Please share in the comments below the good, the bad, and the ugly that you indulge in to make artwork. We’d love to hear everything from the usual suspects like cups of coffee or a glass of wine, to the more unusual.

Here we go.